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Beyond Imagination Chapter 1/5 

Author’s note: So yes, I haven’t been writing Jogan lately, so I’m kind of rusty. Also, this is my first time writing in present-tense so bear with me please. Thank you and I hope you enjoy. This is an AU fic, so heads up to those who hate AU fics.

Disclaimer: Glee belongs to Ryan Murphy and Dalton belongs to Mama Cp.

Beyond Imagination

They meet in a coffee shop just a few blocks from Dalton.

The coffee is terrible, the pastries either overcooked or undercooked, and the service slower than a turtle. Julian Larson-Armstrong wrinkles his nose from the smell of burnt coffee beans and almost walks out of the shop. He takes a deep breath and manages to stay where he is, in a line behind a teenager with vibrant red hair, and forces himself to remember that if he leaves, there won’t be any coffee for him. Tricia’s Café is the only coffee shop nearby which forces Julian to buy their terrible coffee daily if he wants to be awake in Math class. It’s either the terrible coffee or Dalton’s sludge—he refuses to call that coffee—and contrary to popular belief, he isn’t actually as masochistic as the others perceive him to be.

The teenager with vibrant red hair steps forward and Julian does so too, checking his watch. He has an hour before he needs to get back to Dalton and he fully expects to spend that hour just looking outside the window, relaxing, and trying to drink the awful coffee. He has his tinted glasses on, in case fans are in the coffee shop.

To tell the truth, he really isn’t looking forward to meeting his fans. He just wants some peace and quiet.

He finally places his order—a latte—and waits for the barista to serve him his coffee. A few seconds pass and he finally gets his coffee, giving the barista a crisp twenty dollar bill, telling her to keep the change.

He looks around and spots a free table with two seats just near the big window. He walks quickly to the table and sits at it, enjoying the peaceful view outside and not much the burnt coffee. He sets his coffee on the table and is pleased to note that the barista still doesn’t recognize him and still thinks that his name is Lawrence.

A few seconds pass and he suddenly hears someone clear their throat behind him. He turns his head and looks at the blond man who is also wearing Dalton uniform.

“Can I sit here?” asks the man sheepishly. “There aren’t any other seats.”

Julian smiles and nods, gesturing to the seat across him.

The man smiles and sits down, sipping his coffee and wincing after the first sip. Julian laughs softly; the man is a first-timer.

They spend the hour looking outside and occasionally taking sips of their awful coffee, looking at the other when they think the other isn’t looking. Eventually, they get up and go back to Dalton, walking side by side without really talking.

It isn’t until after Math class—a class they discover they have with each other—when they finally talk to each other. The man—Logan—says hello to Julian and calls him by the name Lawrence, making Julian grin because obviously, the man doesn’t know him. He goes along with Logan, pretending his name is really Lawrence and smiles when they become best friends.

It isn’t until a week later when Logan smacks Julian’s arm during lunch and asks him why he didn’t tell Logan his real name and just went along with Logan instead of correcting him.

It isn’t until a day later when Logan forgives Julian and kisses him, officially becoming his boyfriend.

Logan isn’t numb and unfeeling, and Julian isn’t a best friend who constantly leaves Dalton to escape Logan and his current crush, but that doesn’t mean their world’s perfect.

They fight and they make up just like every other couple, but unlike every other couple, they’re special. They’re special because they know they’re going to last.

Perhaps if Julian and Logan had this life, all would have been better.

But it’s not their life, and it’s not their relationship, because this relationship consists of a Julian Larson and a Logan Wright of another universe.

This relationship doesn’t have the problems Julian and Logan have like the Blaine fiasco or the Adam nightmare, but they have problems of their own.

But that’s not the main point of the story because somewhere, in another time and place, this Julian and Logan have their happy ending with each other.

And we all know that the story focuses on the prince who’s still looking for his partner.

And this universe doesn’t have that prince.

So we move on to the next universe.

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